Things change; so your communications should too

26th May 2015

When I was younger:

  • People only drank Lucozade when they were ill. Now, they have it to perform better when playing sport
  • The Shawshank Redemption did poorly at the cinema. It’s gone on to become a popular best-seller on DVD
  • I had a full head of hair. Whereas now…

You see, things change over time.

But, some things don’t change. Even when they should.

For example, there are certain communications you see every week that just aren’t fit for purpose any more.

They’re not needed.

Or they are; but they don’t need to be so long.

Or have as many attendees.

Or be so dull.

Here’s a simple exercise, to see whether your communications are changing when they should:

  1. Identify all the communications you do/receive regularly – weekly update meetings, monthly catch-ups, quarterly reviews, daily FYIs, and so on
  2. Highlight which of these you could stop doing right now, without doing any harm
  3. For the rest, identify those you could reduce in some way – have them less often; make them shorter; invite less attendees; have fewer agenda items etc – again, without doing any harm

And then…

Action point

… Do Steps 2 and 3. Stop/reduce these communications where you can. You might as well. It won’t do any harm.

And here’s one more action – this one’s about the masterclass…

Last week, I told you about the seminar I’m running with marketing legend Drayton Bird. During it, we’ll be sharing the best techniques for:

  1. getting in front of important people, and then
  2. persuading them to do what you want

The day will provide simple, new, proven techniques you can apply immediately to improve results.

And we know we’re covering the areas that matter most to you; because our content contains:

  • topics people asked us to cover (for example, we had loads of replies to last week’s Tip, telling us what to focus on); plus
  • the techniques that the world’s most successful people/companies use

Even better, as a Tuesday Tipper, you get a big discount too!

To learn more about what we’re covering – and how it will help you – please click here.

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