Three super-quick ways to make PowerPoint better (and less deathly) – PART 2

5th September 2017

Last week, we agreed three ways to make your slides look better. They were:

  1. Good titles
  2. Few words
  3. Not bullets

But, even if you have the world’s best slides, you still need to know how to present alongside them.

So here are three PowerPoint functions to improve your presentations:

  • When your slides are in Show Mode, press ‘B’ or ‘W’ on your keyboard to black/white your slides. This stops people looking at them. So it makes them look at you. To get the slide back up, press ‘B/W’ again
  • To jump to a slide, again when you’re in Show Mode, press the desired slide number on your keyboard, then ‘Return’. For example, if you’re on Slide #1 and want to jump to #6, simply press ‘6’ and ‘Return’; and you jump straight there.. This is a very useful technique!
  • To put your slides in Show Mode, press the function ‘F5’ key – much quicker than trying to drag your pointer to that tiny box to open it up

Action Point

In month 4 of my online video club, I’ve created two videos:

  1. A step-by-step guide to creating visually stunning slides
  2. The best ways to deliver alongside them, to you impress your audiences

To watch one of these videos for free, please click here.

And one other obvious action: in your next presentation, use all six tips from this week and last’s…

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