To communicate better, avoid the dentist!

16th April 2024

If you want healthy teeth, what’s the best way to get them?

  1. Clean them twice a day, and visit your dentist regularly; or
  2. Never clean them, but still see your dentist

Clearly, it’s #1.

Yes, dentists provide expert help. But the only route to success is to consistently, relentlessly clean your teeth. Always.

Each individual ‘teeth clean’ on its own doesn’t do much. Instead, it’s the consistency that makes all the difference.

And the link to communication?

Well, going on a training course – maybe, ‘Presentation skills’ – is like going to the dentist. You’re with an expert who can help.

But, to transform your communications, the only route to success is to consistently, relentlessly get the basics right. Always.

In other words, get in good habits. And always do them. For example, you should always:

  • Say hello to your team every day. Ask how they are. Care about their answer
  • Start well. First impressions are critical. So ensure titles and intros excite people
  • Every communication should have a point to it – to agree an action, to make a decision, etc. So always be clear on your outcome, and direct all your content towards achieving it
  • Use the right communication channel/timing. Often, verbal beats written; and early beats late
  • Regularly review your diary. What’s in there that could be removed/shorter? And then remove/shorten it

Work hard to embed these – and other best-practices – as habits.

And then – just as clean your teeth without thinking – you’ll start doing these without thinking.

Yes, training/dentists help. But it’s your habits which will ensure you succeed.

Action Point

Identify which good habits you should get into. And then bust guts to embed them!

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