Top Dog: my new book is nearly here!

17th November 2014

… My co-author Richard and I have completed our writing.  So the book is now with the publishers.  They are doing all the designwork and type-setting.  After that, the print runs start, so it’s ready for its February launch.

The official title is “Top Dog: impress and influence everyone you meet”.  Here’s how this the back cover reads…

Going for a new job? A payrise? An important sale?

Life-changing if you get it. Not if you don’t

But it’s hard.   Especially when you think the other person holds all the power.  When this happens, your words betray you – “Thanks for sparing the time” (“you’re more important than me”); “I’ll try and do that” (“I doubt I can”).

But these people don’t want someone subservient.  They want someone valuable.  Someone like them.  Another Top Dog.

This book explains how to avoid the mistakes everyone makes when talking to important people. You’ll see it’s easier to impress them than you thought. You’ll start thinking and speaking in ways that set you apart from your competition. You’ll know what to do to become Top Dog.

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