Training courses – ensure your team DOES something after attending

30th April 2019

I hate ‘Happy Sheet Training’.

You know the sort of thing – people attend a course, and then complete a Happy Sheet saying how lovely the day was.

But then they go back to the office and change precisely nothing.

But training isn’t supposed to cause a lovely day.

Instead, it’s supposed to cause instant, dramatic and lasting improvement.

So to make sure your colleagues use what they learn, use these four words:

       Best thing? Next thing?

So, as often as you can, ask them:

  • Best thing – what’s the best thing you’ve used since the course?
  • Next thing – what’s the next thing you’re planning to do?

If their answers impress, great stuff – the training’s worked.

But if they don’t, make it clear that isn’t acceptable (after all, when we ignore bad behaviour, we endorse it). And coach them to change their mindset and behaviours.

So, after your team attend training, do you ensure they change behaviours? Or are you ignoring/endorsing that they haven’t?

Action Point

Ask your team for their ‘Best thing. Next thing’ about the most recent training they attended.

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