Tuesday Tip: Christmas Quiz 2018

18th December 2018

Here’s this year’s Christmas Quiz.

Have a wonderful break, and see you for more Tips in the new year,


Question 1

An archer boasted that he could take off his hat, hang it up, put on a blindfold, and then shoot an arrow straight through his hat.

When he put the blindfold on, he couldn’t see anything. Nobody was there to help him. He wasn’t even very good at archery.

But he always shot the arrow through the hat every single time. How did he do it?

Question 2

Two men are arguing.

“This morning, I was standing behind you” said the first.

His friend replied “But at the exact same time, I was standing behind you.”

They were both right. How is this possible?

Question 3

A man has committed a dreadful crime. And, as punishment, he has to go through one of three doors. He’s allowed to choose which.

He knows the first door leads straight into a maze paved with red-hot coals. The second opens into a cage containing a lion who hasn’t eaten for six months. And on the other side of the third is a deep hole full of poisonous snakes.

Which door should he go through?

Question 4

I always perform under pressure.
In theatres I don’t entertain.
Audiences can’t stand to see me.
But display me in fury and shame

What am I?

Question 5

A cat and a dog are racing. The cat can run around the track in six minutes, while the dog can do it in four.

If they start racing at the same time, how long will it take for the dog to overtake the cat?

Question 6

A chef has to cook a stew for exactly 15 minutes. One second either side, and it will be ruined.

But he only has two hourglasses to help him measure the time. He isn’t wearing a watch. There are no clocks in the room. He can’t find the time in any way, apart from these two hourglasses.

One takes seven minutes for the sand to run out. The other takes eleven minutes.

What’s the best way for him to use the hourglasses, to time exactly fifteen minutes?

Question 7

What is this referring to?

The one who made me didn’t want to use me.
The one who bought me didn’t need me.
And the one who needs me will never know it.

Question 8

What’s the answer to this sum?

The number of wings on a bird
Multiplied by the number of hooves on a goat
Multiplied by the number of letters in seagull
Multiplied by the number of ears on a stoat
Multiplied by the number of buns in a bakers dozen
Multiplied by the number of leaves on a clover
Multiplied by the number of legs on a snake

Question 9

The king has sentenced a prisoner to death.

But the king has given the prisoner one chance to save himself.

The castle’s courtyard is covered with black and white pebbles. The king says he’ll pick one of each colour, and put them into a bag.

“If the prisoner pulls the white pebble from the bag, he shall go free” declares the king.

But the prisoner noticed the king’s trick – that the king put two black pebbles into the bag.

The prisoner knows that if he picks one out and shows it as black, then he’ll be executed.

How can he win his freedom without calling the king a cheat?

Question 10

At a party, there are three guests. Two drink tea. Two drink coffee. And two drink wine.

The one who doesn’t drink wine doesn’t drink coffee. And the one who doesn’t drink coffee doesn’t drink tea.

Which drink(s) does each guest have?

Question 11

A woman is selecting from three candidates for a job in her team.

She tells the three candidates that she has five hats – three white and two green. She tells them she’ll secretly put one hat on each of their heads, such that they’ll only be able to see the hats on the other two men’s heads. They won’t be able to see their own hat, nor the two hats she doesn’t use. She says that the first man to correctly identify his hat’s colour will get the job.

So, Man #1 looks at #2’s hat and #3’s hat, and says he doesn’t know his own hat’s colour.

Then, Man #2 looks at #1’s hat and #3’s hat, and says he doesn’t know either.

But Man #3 – who’s blind, so can’t see either of the other two men’s hats – says “In that case, I know my hat’s colour.”

What colour was the blind man’s hat? And how did he know?

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