Tuesday Tip: Christmas Quiz 2019

17th December 2019

Hi there,

I hope you’ve had a great year, and that you have a wonderful Christmas break.

Thanks for subscribing to my Tips. I trust you’ve found them helpful. And here’s the most helpful one of all… the Christmas Quiz!

I’ll send the answers tomorrow. If you simply can’t wait, let me know and I’ll send them today.

All the very best,

Question 1

What is the only Disney animated film where the main character doesn’t speak?

Question 2

If you wrote all the numbers in alphabetical order, ZERO would be last. But which number would be first? And which would be second?

Question 3

In this series of 12 letters, the 9th is missing. What is it?

Y Y H L Y E Y T ? R R R

Question 4

I live in the beautiful county of Merseyside. How likely is it that there are two people in Merseyside with exactly the same number of hairs on their head?

Question 5

I have two big books of animals. Volume #1 contains all the animals from AARDVARK to LYNX; #2 has everything from MACAW to ZEBRA. Both books are 5cm thick. I put them both on my bookshelf – with Volume #1 on the left of #2. How far away is the AARDVARK page from the ZEBRA page?

Question 6

In the number ONE, the letters appear in reverse-alphabetical order – ‘O’ comes after ‘N’ in the alphabet, and ‘N’ after ‘E’. But what is the first number where the letters are in correct alphabetical order?

Question 7

I’m standing in one of the rooms in our offices. There are lots of doors in here. On one of the doors, there’s a sign which has the letters ‘CANT’, then a small space, and then the letters ‘EN’. There are no other letters on the sign. Our office doesn’t have a canteen. So what’s behind the door?

Question 8

What is next in this series?

  • A two-faced god
  • The god of war
  • A spring goddess
  • ?

Question 9

A country’s currency has only two coins – 5p and 6p.

I have lots of both types of coins. This means the smallest total I can make with my coins is 5p (one 5p coin) – I can’t make a total of 1p, 2p, 3p etc

So if 1p is the smallest total I CAN’T make with my coins, what’s the largest total I CAN’T make?

Question 10

In a knock-out tennis singles tournament, we all know the rules:

  • When you don’t have an opponent, you get a bye into the next round without having to play a match.
  • When you do have an opponent, if you win, you go through to the next round; if you lose, you’re out

If 19 players enter a tournament, how many matches will there be in total? (See if you can solve this in less than ten seconds!)

Question 11

I was born on 15th March, along with my evil twin. I give you a piece of paper, showing you the year he was born and the year he died – both dates separated by a dash. The page says:


How old was he when he died?

Question 12

It’s war time, and a country wants to reinforce their bomber planes, to stop them being shot down.

They want as much reinforcement as possible. But they know that reinforcing all parts of the plane would make them too heavy, less agile and use too much fuel.

There are four main parts of the plane – the cockpit, engines, fuselage and wings. They calculate that reinforcing two of the four is their best option.

They inspect their returning planes, and see they have bullet holes in the fuselage and/or wings.

Which two parts of the plane should they reinforce?

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed it.

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