Tuesday Tip: the only way to ensure your 2018 Roadshows work

16th January 2018

We’re still in the first few weeks of the year.

So, we’re still in the first few weeks of Leaders doing their Roadshows, setting out their expectations for 2018.

These are, of course, essential one-off communications.

But that’s the problem. They’re one-off.

We want these Roadshows to cause a long-term impact. But it’s very hard (impossible?) for one short-term communication to have a long-term impact.

It’s all-too-easy for things to return to the way they were all-too-quickly. So…

… the only way to ensure Roadshows have a long-term impact, is to do long-term follow-up.

There are loads of ways you can do this. For example:

  • Weekly ‘best/worst/next’ meetings – each week, spend 20 minutes with your team asking what their best success since Roadshow has been; their worst challenge has been, and what they’re doing next to further embed the Roadshow’s message
  • Regular ‘read and reply’ emails – send short emails, asking people to reply and tell you the one change they’ve made since the Roadshow
  • Changing team agendas – change your standard agenda to include a new item – ‘Changes we’ve made to embed the Roadshow’. You’ll then remember to go round the room, asking everyone what new things they’re doing because of the Roadshow
  • And so on…

As I say, there are loads of things you can do to follow-up.

And how many should you do?

Well, that’s up to you. But, if you want it to cause a long-term impact, I strongly recommend you do more than none.

Action point

When preparing your “Here’s the plan for 2018 folks”, prepare two things:

  • Your Roadshow roll-out; and
  • Your follow-up plan

I use these Tuesday Tips and my videos (www.andyboundsonline.com) to help cause long-term improvement. That’s why I do them over the long-term. So, one final action: please hit reply and tell me anything you’d like me to cover in future Tuesday Tips/Videos, and I’ll gladly do that for you.

Have a good week,

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