Virtual Meetings – how to make them more interesting

29th September 2020

A great tip for Virtual Meetings:

     If you’re speaking non-stop for over 2-3 minutes, add variety

We’ve all been to meetings where someone’s downloaded info for ages.

And we all know it’s hard to concentrate/care when they do.

So don’t be that person!

Instead, add variety:

  1. PREP QUESTIONS. People are more interested when they join in. So split your prep time between what you’ll say; and also what you’ll ask, to get them speaking. More questions = more interest = more fun
  2. CHANGE VISUALS. Too many times, people show one slide, then rant about it for ages. So change the visual. Use slide-builds. Or click to highlight the thing you’re talking about etc
  3. ADD INTEREST. People love quotations, humour etc. So Google your topic and the word “quotation” or “funny”. You’ll often find a better way of saying the same thing
  4. USE “CHAT”. I recently asked a team to type in the chat function what they thought they were best/worst at. I then said “most of you say you’re worst at X. Let’s fix that”

You’ll have a Virtual Meeting today.

The best way to be interesting? Include something interesting!

Action Point

Use this tip. Every day.

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