Walt Disney, positivity and having a great 2022

18th January 2022

Will 2022 be a great year for you?

Every time I ask this question, people tend to start their answer with one of two pairs of words:

  • No because
  • It depends

Neither of which is very optimistic!

  • ‘No because’ could easily (will?) become a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • ‘It depends’ means you think you’ve no control of how good your year will be

A much more positive outlook is to use the two words that Walt Disney often said:

        ‘Yes, if’

For example, if he answered the question ‘Can we build Disneyland?’ with ‘no because’ or ‘it depends’… Disneyland probably doesn’t get built.

But instead he said:

  • Yes if we get someone else to pay for it
  • Yes if we hire the world’s best experts
  • Yes if we locate somewhere with good all-year-round weather
  • Yes if we have/create good transport links
  • Yes if… Yes if…

And if he can build Disneyland, we can help ourselves have a great 2022!

What would your ‘yes ifs’ be about nailing 2022? Maybe something like:

  • Yes if I get my work/life balance right
  • Yes if I spend more time with the people I love
  • Yes if I stop saying ‘yes’ to things I should say ‘no’ to
  • Yes if I stop saying ‘no’ to things I should say ‘yes’ to
  • Yes if I respect my time more, and not let people hijack my calendar
  • Yes if … Yes if …

(Also, notice how the word after ‘yes if’ is always ‘I’ – much more empowering than assuming it’s upto someone else whether I’m happy!)

We still have a lot of 2022 to go. Will you have a great year?

Action Point

List your ‘yes ifs’ – everything you can do, to ensure you have a wonderful, positive, happy year…

… and then do them!

And if your ‘Yes ifs’ include communicating better, these will be a huge help.

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