Want your Virtual Comms to cut through? BE SURPRISING!

5th May 2020

Heard this one?


       A time machine!


       Er… well, it doesn’t matter really

I love the surprise of the last line.

In fact, it’s often worth including surprises in your virtual comms.

Something people didn’t expect.

(After all, if you don’t, everything’s as expected. Which isn’t far off becoming predictable and boring).

There are lots of ways to surprise people. You only have to:

       Change something. Anything.

So if your webinars aren’t usually interactive, ask a couple of questions early on. Your audience is now interacting. Which makes you now surprising and different.

Or if you’re a factual presenter, next time, tell a personal story to reinforce your message.

Or if you use wordy slides, use better visuals (trust me: everyone’ll like this surprise!)

As long as you “Change something. Anything”, you’ll be different to last time.

More different = more interesting.

More interesting = better for everyone.

Especially you.

Action Point

Change something. Anything.

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