Webinar advice from Fred Astaire!

12th May 2020

Fred Astaire said “If it doesn’t look easy, it is that we have not tried hard enough yet”.

He said this about dancing. But he could have meant presenting webinars.

After all, when you present a webinar, does it look easy?

Or does it look like you cobbled it together last minute, then used your slides as Presenter Prompts?

The better your prep, the better you’ll be.

Here’s how I prep:

  • Start. You need a great first impression. So, script yours, and then practise it out loud 20+ times
  • Questions. Every slide, include 1-2 probing questions in your notes. This ensures an interactive chat, not a one-way rant
  • Teaching. Add value early, by teaching them something useful. When they say “I’d never thought of it like that”, you’ve got them!
  • Links. Rehearse how you’ll go from each topic to the next. The more it flows, the more it feels like a joined-up communication – not a series of one-off slides

Do this, and you’re learning from Fred Astaire.

Or you could learn from violinist Fritz Kreisler…

After one of his performances, a fan said “I’d give my whole life to play as beautifully as you just did”.

His response?

“I did”.

Action Point

For your next webinar, schedule prep time, and use these ideas to ensure you’re impressive.

And for more tips on how to master this, and other critical techniques, there are hundreds more here: www.andyboundsonline.com

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