What customers want – the 3Vs…

14th July 2020

When customers are deciding whether to buy, they’re looking for 3Vs:

  1. VALUE
  2. VIBE

So, what VALUE will you bring them? How will they be better-off after working with you? What will be their uplift in numbers? Morale? Time? Why will the individual buyer look good because she hired you?

As for VIBE, what feeling do they get when they talk with you? Are they excited? Are you? Does your website and social media reinforce this exciting impression? Do they feel you understand them? Want what’s best for them? Do all your colleagues have the same passion?

And do you work at the VELOCITY they want? They don’t want you to rush them because you’re desperate for a sale. But they also don’t want you to slow them down because of your internal processes. Do you know the speed they want? Are you going at it?

So a simple exercise to do…

Action Point

Grade yourself, your company, sales team, marketing… on how good/bad you are at each of the 3Vs.

Even better: ask your customers to grade you too.

And then do everything you can, to boost your scores. The better your Vs, the more customers love you… and the more they’ll buy.

And for more hints to help them feel like buying from you, click here andyboundsonline.com.

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