What if your competitors knew this… but you didn’t?

9th October 2015

Sometimes, these pain/pleasure impulses conflict – ‘I don’t want to be fat. But I really want to eat that cake’.

Both motivations work.

And both are powerful.

So, which drives you more?

This might help answer that…

Yesterday, I posted about Drayton Bird’s and my seminar – How to get more leads – and convert more of them in to high paying business. And I used a pleasure-seeking heading – ‘A secret: here’s what companies say are their biggest Sales and Marketing challenges. Sound like yours?

Today, I’ve used a pain-reducing one – ‘What if your competitors knew this… but you didn’t?

The pain one obviously grabbed your attention. How do I know this? Because you’re still reading.

Did the pleasant one too? Or did you miss that one?

And more importantly for you, here are three critical questions:

  • Do pain or pleasure headlines grab your customers’ interest?
  • Which one do you currently use?
  • Are your two answers the same?

And here’s one final question: would you like to know what to do, so your answers to all three are exactly what you want?

Here’s how you can. Drayton Bird and I are running our Sales and Marketing Masterclass a week on Tuesday.

It will explain simple ways to beat the competition and win more business. We promise you it will change the way you think about your sales and marketing.

Your competitors might even be coming.

Here’s what you – or they – will learn

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