What we HATE, we DO

19th March 2024

This sounds weird. But, with communication:


In other words, what we HATE people doing to us when they communicate with us – for example when they:

  • Use wordy slides
  • Write boring agendas (or don’t even have one)
  • Invite us to meetings we didn’t benefit from attending
  • Don’t prep for their time with us
  • Rant at us, with no interaction …

… for some reason, when we’re communicating, we DO these things as well.

And, just as we hate it when people do it to us, so too do others hate it when we do it to them!

And the solution?

It’s simple:

       Stop doing things that you HATE!

For example – if you:

  • Use wordy slides, remove some words from them
  • Write boring agendas, make them more interesting
  • Invite people to meetings they don’t benefit from attending, stop inviting them
  • Etc etc

Which means this week’s…

Action Point is…

Identify 2-3 things you hate others doing when they communicate to you.

And then check to make sure you don’t do the same things to others.

And, if you do… STOP IT!

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