Why don’t the b**tards buy?

15th September 2015

Why don’t the b**tards buy?
(or ‘Where are you going wrong? And how to get it right’)

Unless you’re a transcendent genius making zillions – or very smug – you must ask yourself this sometimes.

I do, often – and I’m supposed to be a bit of a whiz at the marketing game.

Well, I’ve spent the last 4 months going through over 2,000 emails, landing pages and what not trying to determine why most are a complete waste of space and a precious few are pure gold.

And on October 20th at Churchill’s War Rooms in London I’ll be going through them all to reveal what I’ve discovered.

I’ll be joined by my friend Andy Bounds, who will be answering the same question from his perspective – of selling to people face to face.

There are only 12 places left.

Should you be there? Well, almost all informed judges seem to think the world’s economy is looking very dicey.

So maybe you’d better find better ways to make the b**tards buy, before it’s too late.

Go here for more info, now.

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