Why everyone else is always wrong

17th January 2023

The joys of disagreement…

When you say something that someone doesn’t agree with, how would you prefer they reply?

  1. “I’d not thought of it like that. Please help me understand why you think that?” or
  2. “You’re wrong. I’m right. Here’s why…”

#1, right?

Which of course means that when it’s the other way round – and someone else says something to us that we disagree with – we should say #1 too.

But do we?

We’d all like to think so.

But many people don’t (feel free to read any social media ‘differences of opinion’ if you want to see evidence of this!)

Which all means it’s critical we listen. As in, properly listen.

Here are some of my favourite thoughts about how to make sure we do listen – especially when someone has a different opinion to us:

  1. Persuading someone they’re wrong is not a good way to win an argument
  2. It’s more important to find a solution, than it is to prove you’re right
  3. Have a two-way conversation. Listen. Ask. Don’t just wait for your turn to speak
  4. Seek first to understand, then to be understood
  5. Always ask ‘tell me more?’

We all think we’re above average at this.

But half of us are worse than average – that’s what ‘average’ means.


Action Point

… What can you change – so you’re better able to listen to, understand and respect other people’s views?

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