Why grass is NOT greener on the other side

7th September 2021

Grass is NOT greener on the other side.

Instead, it’s greenest where you water it.

It’s the same in business.

You should water your relationships. After all, it’s better to chat with people you know, compared to those you don’t.

So if you want lots of green grass (or – as businesses call it – ‘sales’), it’s better to water your current relationships, rather than spending all your time targeting strangers.

For example, your #1 contacts are your customers. So proactively ring them. Ask how they’re doing. Offer them help.

Obvious, right?

But too many people don’t proactively contact their customers. They don’t water their grass enough.

In fact, they only ring their customers when there’s a problem, or they want to sell them something.

But that means, every time your customer sees your name on their phone, they’ll think “oh no, there must be a problem. Or worse, I’m about to be sold to!”

And how to find time to contact the people you should…?

Action Point

… Simply schedule time in your calendar to water your important relationships. Your family, friends, colleagues, customers – whoever matters most.

Because, miraculously, when you schedule time in your calendar, you always have time to do it!

Also, schedule time in your calendar to watch these!

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