Why selling is NOT a dirty word

8th March 2022

I recently went to an Apple store. My phone wasn’t working. I didn’t know why.

I spoke to a shop assistant. She asked questions, then told me what was wrong, and how to fix it. So I spent £45, fixed my phone and left delighted.

Which made me think – selling is NOT a dirty word.

I mean: yes, it can be. Like, when a salesperson pretty-much verbally assaults you. They don’t care about you or ask what you want. They bang on about their product. They ignore your concerns.

Like you, I HATE that.

But this shop assistant’s a good reminder that selling can be a wonderful thing. She asked, listened and cared. She knew her products, so could suggest the right one. When I bought it, my life became better.

That isn’t dirty. That’s great!

We all work in sales. We might (not) have “sales” in our job title. But we all sell our ideas and ourselves.

The key to great selling?

Ask, listen, care.

Be friendly, knowledgeable and – most critically – obsessed with improving your customer’s life.

I’ve seen many salespeople talk themselves out of a sale. But I’ve yet to see one who listened themselves out of one!

Action Point

Ask. Listen. Care. Help.

Here are my three steps for brilliant selling (watch the free Video 1 of Month 1)

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