Wipe-out the things you dread

6th September 2016

Every time you communicate, there are things you dread happening…

What if somebody asks a question you can’t answer? Or they don’t agree with you? Or they want to know about a topic you’re discussing later? Or ask the question you’re dreading coming up?

It’s easy to think you dread these things happening.

But that’s not right.

Instead, what you dread is your inability to deal with it. That rabbit-in-headlights feeling of "Oh no. What do I say now?"

This is, of course, good news. Since you dread not knowing how to respond…

…work out in advance how you’ll respond.

That way, you’ve nothing to dread.

For example, if someone asks about a topic you’re discussing later, you could say "That’s a great question. But let me explain a couple more concepts to you first before I answer it. My answer will make more sense then."

Or, when someone asks a question you haven’t prepared for, you could say "There are a couple of ways I could answer this. Before I do, let me check – what’s behind your question?"

Or if somebody says something hostile, you could reply with "Why do you ask that?"

These are just examples. You’ll create your own scripts, of course. But it’s essential you do. After all, you’ll have to create them at some time – either calmly at your desk beforehand; or panicky in your presentation, when everyone’s watching…

I know which I’d prefer.

And which they’d prefer.

Action point

For your next communication:

  • identify the things you’re dreading them saying
  • script how you’ll respond
  • practise saying this script out loud beforehand…

…That way, the first time the words come out of your mouth isn’t when someone’s watching you.

And here’s another shedload of resources to help you impress and influence others…

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