Workshop ninja – a great way to END

16th July 2019

Last week, I showed you how to START a workshop.

Now, here’s how to END one…

Remember, when you’re training, your job isn’t to teach stuff, it’s to cause stuff. In other words, your delegates have to use their learnings in their Day Jobs.

So, allow time at the end to create a Habit Plan (this is an Action Plan, which they’ll keep on doing, until it becomes HABIT).

I do this by asking delegates to create a four-column table:

  1. Actions – ‘write what you’ll do differently after today’
  2. Diary – ‘put these actions in your diary now. After all, if it isn’t in the diary, you won’t have time to do it!’
  3. Reminders – identify where you’ll put your reminders, so you remember to do these actions when they’re due
  4. Someone else – for each action, identify someone else (your neighbour? Your boss?) who you’ll be accountable to, for doing these actions

When you have all four, delegates do their actions. But if any are missing, they don’t! And so…

Action Point

…Put this four-column table on your final slide/page. Give your delegates enough time (I allow 20-30 minutes) to ensure they complete this well.

Do this, and your workshop WILL lead to improved performance.

And for more tips on how to master this, and other critical techniques, there are hundreds more here:

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