Writing a proposal? These two words are critical…

12th March 2019

When you write a proposal, you’ve got to get the document right.

But don’t spend 100% of your prep on the document.

Because there are two other key things to remember:

  1. Verbal
  2. Questions

By “#1 – verbal”, I mean it’s best to verbally discuss your proposal first, before they see your document – because:

  • You’re more persuasive and articulate than any written thing could ever be
  • You’re better able to answer their immediate questions/concerns
  • It’s much better for them. They’ll understand your proposal better than if they’d read it cold

And by “#2 – questions”, I mean that – when you have this verbal chat – you should prepare a few questions you’ll ask during the proposal read-through. That way, it becomes a two-way discussion around your proposal (engaging), rather than them watching you do a one-way read-through (dull).

And that’s just miles better for both of you.

Action Point

For your next proposal (1) go verbal and (2) prepare questions. Both will make things easier, better… and much more likely to work.

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