You know those things you dread hearing?

7th October 2015

  • Can you drop your price
  • You aren’t experienced enough
  • We’ve got a supplier for that already
  • You shouldn’t have done that
  • Your idea isn’t a priority right now

Choose your own list. You’ll have one. Everyone has certain things they dread hearing.

But – and this sounds weird – you don’t dread the things you dread.

Instead, you dread that you don’t know how to respond when someone says it.

Know a brilliant answer to ‘Can you drop your price?’

You’d no longer dread being asked it. In fact, you’d be thinking ‘bring it on – I can deal with this’.

Have a brilliant response to ‘but you aren’t experienced enough’?

Again, you’d hope people would say it. That way, you could reassure them. And do so in ways your competition couldn’t.

As a business person, it’s ok to have things you dread hearing.

But, it isn’t okay to keep dreading them.

You have to find a response to them.

And here’s something that will help you do just that. Better – and quicker – than you thought possible.

In my seminar with Drayton Bird, we’ll share what the best salespeople do to remove all the objections you hear every day.

Even better: you can tell us the ones you hear every day. And we’ll tell you how to remove them too.

Sound useful? Here’s how you can get these scripts, so you never dread hearing this stuff again.

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