Your email lasts longer than your mood

25th October 2016

Since last Tuesday’s tip, I’ve had to share this sentence with four different people:

       Your email lasts longer than your mood.

In other words, if someone annoys you, don’t email them when you’re still annoyed.

If it makes you feel better, write the email. But don’t send it.

Have a break. Go, get a drink. Go for a walk. Sleep on it. Pop to the toilet… anything that gives you time to calm down before you press Send.

In fact, I can’t remember ever hearing of an argument that was resolved by email.

So here’s an idea that works really well instead: pick up the phone.

And remember, when you’re in that conversation, it’s more important to find a solution than it is to be right. After all, persuading someone they’re wrong isn’t a good way to win an argument.

Trust me on this: ‘how can we resolve this?’ beats ‘what on earth were you thinking?’ every time.

Action point

You know that person who’s getting on your nerves?

Well, don’t email them! At some point, your mood’ll change. But your email won’t.

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