How to roll-out this year’s strategy (Part 2 – the right presentation)

21st January 2020

When presenting your new strategy, you want people to buy-in, engage and act on it.

Here’s a great structure to help ensure they do

(This is based on Harvard research, plus my experience of helping people deliver these presentations for many years)…

  1. Why it’s needed – explain why you’re doing your new strategy. Has the market changed? Was there a problem with continuing with last year’s approach? Are there new opportunities to exploit?
  2. Our vision – be clear what the End Game of the strategy is – the northern star we’re aiming for
  3. The journey – explain the key steps in going from where we are now (section 1) to the vision (section 2)
  4. Overcoming concerns – your colleagues will be concerned about some aspects of your strategy – often "will we have time to do this?" So proactively mention, then remove, these concerns
  5. Actions – end by being crystal clear what you’re doing next, and what you want them to do next. This will often include what they should START doing, and also what they should STOP

Action Point

Simple. Just re-cut your strategy presentation into this – or a similar – structure. Research shows this is the best, quickest, most persuasive way to get people on board.

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